Introductory Post; A Quick but Timely Rant

By Anonymous


Perhaps the understatement of the century is that leftists are mentally ill. I’m not talking just a little off. I’m talking completely insane. These leftists (extreme liberals), definitely are not all right in the head (yes, pun intended). How could anyone see life the way they see it? Let me try to break this down for you...imagine going to an insane asylum and a doctor being able to show you life through a clinically mentally ill person’s mind. That would be a doozy, huh? Well, that hypothetical experience is what I imagine leftists’ constant perspectives on life are like. They are completely irrational and illogical. None of what they say or do makes any sense. Their views on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be declared illegal. Truly.

For example, the leftist media has not covered the recently unsealed and released Ghislaine Maxwell files really at all. Many acts of child sex trafficking realted to national political figures have been uncovered. Do children’s lives not matter? Or are we still hung up on making sure black lives become next to royalty? Check yourself, liberals. The only reason the leftist media is covering it AT ALL is, and you can bet your bottom dollar this is the sole reason behind it, is because there is a picture of Trump with Epstein from years ago. Why is no one talking about child sex trafficking? I thought that “SILENCE MEANS YOU SIDE WITH THE OPPRESSOR”! Does the left therefore condone child sex trafficking? At this point, CNN could literally sacrifice a seven year old on a live news segment and, not only would no one be shocked, but there would STILL be stinky college kids rallying about how black people are oppressed. Twisted. All lives matter. I stand by that and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.

Secondly, I saw some leftist on twitter bring up the issue of “systemic misogyny” in America. Seriously? The left really just loves the drama, don’t they? As soon as they get some sort of “resolve” on an issue they’re rioting in the streets about, they direct the conversation into a new series of complaints. Aren’t they dandy? Can one of them befriend me? Let’s hangout and get kombucha together. I’m sure the conversations would be so enlightening!

 Jokes aside, I, as a woman, have never thought a man was being misogynistic towards me in my life. I’m not saying they’re not out there, but what I am saying is that it is not “systemically” apart of American life. There is equal opportunity for men and women here in the Land of the Free. No hijab? No problem.

 I defend my rights to free speech granted to me under the Constitution. I love God and I love God’s Country. All the glory goes to the Lord. Just in case you forgot, we are blessed and so very lucky to live in America, the greatest country on earth. Thank you for reading my first post on this account. I am now a part of the admin for Political Liars, courtesy of the site’s founder. God Bless you and God Bless America. More to come.




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