One thing we can say about Barack Obama is that his personal life gives fuel to the fire for those who call him a hypocrite. On Friday, information about Barack and Michelle Obama’s 2013 taxes was released. There was no press conference to sing Obama’s praises on this front. There was no tweet to influence the pop culture of the country. There was no speech with Obama chiding those that he says can afford to pay a little more and demanding that they pay their “fair share.”

No, there was none of that fanfare. There was only a blog post by Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney on the White House website. One quick read of the article and you understand why such little attention was brought to Obama’s tax returns. Barack and Michelle “Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share” Obama’s effective tax rate was only 20.4%. But, don’t worry. Carney made sure to work in some information about how Obama is working to make the system more “fair.” After all, the hypocrisy that his boss displays seems to be a never-ending occurrence.

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