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STOP FACEBOOK NAZI STYLE CENSORSHIP! Contact your US Representative and US Senator to regulate and stop Social Media Giants from interfering with elections by using partisan censorship!

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By Larry Scala - May 15, 2019

There is a growing concern over the way Facebook uses it's political bias when censoring conservative posts.

Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Media Giant needs to have the Government require them to assign/secede all banning and censorship to an independent organization. The Government should require these SM platforms to have systems in place for people who are being "Censored". This system needs to give the users a fair and independent organization the opportunity to fairly review the banned/censored post.

These Social Media Giants give users no legitimate method to argue or fight their biased "Censorship" of users' banned postings. The Government needs to step in and force these SM Giants to abide by law to leave the "Community Censorship" up to the SM Giants' users and not up to the SM Platforms' own paid employees.

Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Giants need to be regulated by legal government standards. They seem to have the power to control and censor anything and everything anyone posts/says on their platforms.
Here is an example of the current situation and problem:
When facebook blocks or bans a person from posting, there is literally NO legal recourse to defend their post if they disagree with the Facebook Police.
FB gives you a "So-called opportunity" for a second review, but they don't give you any opportunity to explain why you may disagree with their decision to ban the post. Facebook also has a form which is supposedly designed to allow you to respond with an explanation as to why you disagree with their censorship/ban, however, that form actually NEVER WORKS and always says, "Could not process your request. Please try again later". The form FB has on their website for giving the user a chance to explain their side was submitted by me hundreds of times and their form NEVER worked, NEVER, not ONCE. The entire process leaves users totally at the mercy of the Facebook Police, period, no re-course, no real explanation by Facebook as to why the post was considered against their "Community Standards".

Here are some Ideas/Suggestions to help consumers have a fair and independent review instead of politically biased censorhsip/banning of users' posts:

Government needs to pass a bill that, in order to operate under current status, requires these Social Media Giants to  provide a system where a user can document and show reasons why their post was blocked and what they can do to contest or object to the "Facebook Police's" decision. Currently, there is no real system in place that is independent and fair.
Government should form a regulatory body that consists of users of the platform on a voluntary basis.

1. Require these Social Media company Giants and any other HUGELY Popular Social Media website send these "Banned or Blocked" posts to a NON-PARTISAN Committee or regulatory body consisting of current users of the platform.

2. Volunteers/Platform Users must be part of this committee. Volunteers can apply online to the government regulated non-partisan organization of over-sight created for this purpose. Each person who volunteers for the position to be an independent Arbiter, needs to consider this as an actual job and respond to any review requests in a timely manner. This committee or regulatory body should be selected and controlled by people who are users and not paid political hacks or employees of any Social Media company.

3. All bans/censorship posts must be processed by a minimum of 9 different vetted independent arbiters who are approved members of this regulatory body. Any and all banning/censorship shall be determined by a voting process of ONLY these 9 independent arbiters. These 9 arbiters shall be randomly selected from a database of vetted approved users for each ban review request.

4. All decisions by the arbiters should consider the SM Platform's Community Standards and the US Constitution's First Amendment when making a ruling on a review request.
5. A user can select a second chance review of this regulatory body, but the second chance review must be 9 different arbiters and also shall be the final decision on whether the ban/censorship review request is approved or denied. If a user's review request is approved, the post can now be active and not affect the user's ability to continue posting.

6. For a user to request a 2nd review of a flagged post, they must submit a $9 payment (Which is disbursed evenly to the 9 arbiters in the final decision process). Those funds are automatically deposited to the 9 arbiters electronically.

7. All reviews by the 9 arbiters must be completed within 24 hours after submission. Any arbiter who does not respond within 24 hours shall lose their privilege to work as an arbiter for this regulatory body.

8. This entire system can be built and developed online so people can actually "Work from Home" to participate in this process to give users a fair and independent decision regarding their flagged posts.
9. Since there probably will be millions of reviews requested, this could be a great job opportunity for people who cannot work due to handicap or other physical reasons. This system can create jobs anywhere in the nation. There should be no limit as to who can participate as a voluntary arbiter for this regulatory body.

10. This system will pay for itself via volunteers and 2nd review request fees. There will be a small start-up cost to develop the arbiter assignment system. The actual government office which can consist of a few members, shall be the controlling body over the entire system and the enforcement over the Social media platforms.

Finally, this type of independent regulatory body of users/arbiters should be a fairer way and a non-partisan way of determining if posts are truly going against any community standards and not just a biased form of political censorship.

Currently, Facebook and any other Social Media Company is the Judge, Jury and Prosecutor and it is NOT
a fair unbiased system of censorship. The people's hands are currently tied when trying to fight this censorship.

Please forward this to your US Representatives and Senators if you think this will help keep our Social media platforms more free and open from obviously biased censorship.

Contact Link for US House of Representatives - Click Here

Contact Link for US Senators - Click Here

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